Made this sugar cookie dough peppermint bark and these candy cane fudge brownie cookies in the last week or so.

The sugar cookie dough bark is good, but I would either double the double or half the chocolate because there was too much chocolate to not enough cookie dough. Dough was freaking awesome though. I also used my 7×9″ pan to set the bark and it worked supes well.

The candy cane fudge brownie things were AMAZING. Kind of a lot of work and ingredients, but not so bad. I used 3/4 cup of chocolate chips for the chocolate part and then my H-E-B didn’t have a bag of peppermint kisses, but it did have one of those candy canes with them. Soooo, I used those, but didn’t have enough to cover all of the cookies, was about 8 short, cookies were still delish without the frosting! MAKE THESE

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