Four New Things!

Alright alright alrightttt

I have made four new recipes in the last week, starting with these snickerdoodle blondies. These were freaking amazing, and the dough was delicious. Follow the recipe to a T and you will not be disappointed. These things are chewy, but not crumbly and absolutely packed with flavor.

I made these shells as well. They were good, the filling was delicious, but for the topping, I wouldn’t mix the sauce with the cheeses, I would pour the sauce over and then sprinkle the cheese on top. According to her pictures, that looks like what she did, but the directions say otherwise. I think these are better the next day.

I also got bored, so I made some thin mints, recipe here. These things are freaking delish, I halved the recipe and still have a few left in my freezer. Try and eat only one, it’s a challenge. I have been keeping them in the freezer in a bag to keep the chocolate cold and not melty. As soon as I take one out, the chocolate starts sweating, so I would keep them cold. They taste quite delicious cold as well.

Andddd this pulled pork made in a crock pot! I couldn’t get the pork to pull the right way, but I have a tall crock pot as opposed to a long one, so my meat may have cooked unevenly, but I cut it all up and will be getting a solid five meals out of this. To reheat, I just turn the crock pot on for 30 minutes or so and it tastes nice and fresh. This is as good as any pulled pork out there and it makes my apartment smell heavenly.

On another note, I start school tomorrow so I’ll be back in my routine of making at least one new recipe a week. I’ve had a blast this last week especially, taking a trip to Blue Bell and watching a ton of movies. Get excited for my last semester of school ever!!


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