GUYS – five new recipes, and a sixth currently in the crock pot. LIKE WHAT??!?!?!?!??

Let’s start with these super incredible and amazing cookies, the compliments on these were infinite, the dough was amazing, and I had to stop myself from eating too many (may have had 10…) because they were technically a gift. I used white chocolate chips instead of chunks, about a heaping cup full. As always, mound the dough so that it’s taller than wide. AMAZING

I made this awesome rice, which I got three full meals out of. This stuff is delicious, very very filling. Plus, I used the leftover corn and beans to make a dip to eat with tortilla chips. I used one 15 oz can of red enchilada sauce (and nixed the green) and then I would saute the onions and peppers for closer to 6 minutes so they aren’t crunchy. And as always, reheat leftovers in the oven at 200 for 20ish minutes. VERY VERY VERY DELISH

Made these AMAZING pretzels for the Super Bowl party.  These things were amazing, a group of us had to put the bowl somewhere else so we would stop eating them. And definitely keep them in the fridge so the coating stays on. I mixed the biscoff and the unmelted white chocolate chips with the pretzels before I microwaved them. Maybe because my bowl was kind of wide, but that didn’t work super super well. If I made these again, I would use a taller bowl so the different mixtures are easier to stir and coat all of the pretzels. But seriously, these things were great.

Made these wonderful cookies for the freshmen on Monday. I refrigerated the dough because it was really runny. I also broiled the cookies for 2 or so minutes once I put the marshmallows on so they would brown. These were really good, I would maybe add some chocolate chips next time because I decided to not make the frosting just based on my time constraints.

Finally, I made this incredible chicken dish for dinner last night! It was soooo good, and I ate both pieces of chicken myself. One thing I would recommend is making sure all of the cheese gets onto the chicken. I mixed it with the breadcrumbs, but also used the cheese that didn’t get transferred to the chicken by sticking it onto the chicken itself. This stuff was wonderful, definitely going in the rotation because I love love love chicken. Throw some zucchini and squash with these, and BOOM – AMAZING

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