Recent Recipes

Unfortunately, three swing and misses with these recipes, but you may have different tastes than I do so I’ll still provide some feedback.

Ight, so BBQ Chicken in a crock pot, recipe here. Chicken was way too chewy and BBQ sauce was way too runny. There were some controversy if the chicken should be frozen or thawed and how to thicken the BBQ sauce, but this would have been much better as pulled chicken instead of chicken breast.

One pan BBQ Chicken pasta recipe here. This was pretty good, but it was too soupy and not BBQ-y enough for me. I would at least double if not triple the BBQ sauce and definitely drain the tomato juice and maybe use 1/4 cup less of chicken broth. Good flavors, but was closer to a soup than a pasta dish.

Spaghetti squash marinara, recipe here. This wasn’t bad per say, it was just semi-flavorless. The spaghetti squash takes a good amount of work (or I’m just exhausted and lazy) and then didn’t taste like much of anything. I was disappointed because I’m trying to cut down on gluten because I think it contributes to my migraines and was hoping I would like the spaghetti squash as a pasta alternative. Alas, I did not. I’m gonna try zucchini noodles next I think. I


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