Fun New Recipes from Last Week

So on Monday, tried out 3 new recipes, ranging from good to freaking fantastic. I’ll start with the good:

Honey garlic pork chops, recipe here. On Monday, I simply made the sauce, and after adding a little oil to a skillet, made the pork chop and constantly added more sauce. When I made this on Tuesday, I let the pork chops sit in the sauce for about 6 hours. To be honest, I didn’t taste much of a difference. I’m going to try it a third way this week by cooking in the oven and pouring the sauce over it. Solid flavors, the sauce is also really good to dip in.

These mushrooms were divine. I halved the recipe, but quartered the amount of mushrooms and was able to eat it over two days. I didn’t realized that until just now – I bought 8 oz of mushrooms (which is half the recipe) and made them over two days, but just halved the sauce. Make them fresh each time, they’re quick and easy and really quite delicious.

Now for these little babies. Chocolate chip cookies are amazing, cookie dough is amazing, so why not add the two together? This stuff is great. I had a little bit of a problem getting the dough to come together once I added the flour and milk so I also added about a half of tablespoon of water. Keep mixing until it comes together. I only added the water because it was so dry; it was almost like it was straight flower and I couldn’t even get it to come together with my hands. So add the water and keep mixing until it thickens, it took some time, but it was worth it. Seriously, you don’t even have to serve these bad boys warm, they’re good room temperature and just as amazing the next day (which I somehow was able to restrain myself to have one leftover bar for the next day).

This weekend, I made crock pot pork chops, recipe here. These were meh, feel like it would be better with chicken or something. I think I just love BBQ pork chops. But really easy recipe if you’re looking for something easy one day. I’m going to experiment with pork chops and BBQ stuff on Monday and make a new side dish (parmesan rice) and then retry a dessert I’ve already made for bstud. Adieu!!

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