New Recipes and New Blog Direction!!

Alright, made a bunch of new recipes since I last posted.

First, crock pot ravioli. This stuff is super easy and delicious. Literally, you just throw everything into the crock pot and wait. Very good, very very soft and delicious. I bought 6 bags (I was feeding a crowd) and it comfortably served 20 with leftovers.

I made a really good meatloaf last week, but I’m not going to post the recipe just yet. However, I made these asparagus to go with them. These are super super easy and super delicious. I made the whole thing and it lasted me for 2 meals.  Very tender and great flavor.

Made these cookies for my fishies. They were good, but not lemony enough for my taste. I would use the juice from 1 whole, large lemon and then also its zest. However, if you want a sugary type cookie with just a hint of lemon, they’re delicious the way they are!

Made this beautiful and delicious salad with my mom. My dad doesn’t like avocado and I don’t like blue cheese and my mom doesn’t like tomatoes, so we each added those individually. It was really good. The dressing was a struggle, but my mom didn’t have apple cider vinegar and we think that was the reason it tasted kinda meh.

Finally, made this pie. I halved the recipe because a family of four does not need 2 pies. And put the pie in the freezer, not the fridge as the recipe states. Hopefully, you’re smarter than me and know that ice cream needs to be in the freezer, but I thought the cool whip may do something to the ice cream so I just trusted the directions. Anyway, wicked good and easy.

Finally, I think I’m going to turn this into a permanent food blog!! I already adapt a lot of my recipes anyway. I just have to remember to take pictures. So follow along and maybe we’ll learn something together! I’m making a new pasta dish tonight, so that will be the test run!


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